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Serious project for serious tasks and solutions.
Internal, corporate CRM system was a challenge for our team, as it was necessary to implement a complete a turn-key basis project from scratch. This system required from our team not a simple design, and not a stretch on the platform with ready-made solutions.

What is important for CRM? Our client and we agreed that it is simple and convenient. For this, it was decided to use UX\UI design, and Laravel Framework – for Back-end development. After all, it is necessary that the response of the system for the end user is fast and the changes that the user makes to the system occur instantly. And for a large company it is also important that new users can easily grasp its work.

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Successful UX \ UI design for us is when the user needs to perform less than 3 actions to perform the necessary task. In this case, the tasks are easy explaining to new users and easier to remember, which speeds up the work with the system.

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Laravel framework has become an obvious choice for us, because at the moment it is one of the fastest among its analogues, such as Yii or Ruby. Also, our experts have extensive experience in working with him.

The project was completed in June 2017. During its development, we acted in accordance with the Scrum methodology. The development was divided into 3 sprints for 1 month, which allowed at the end of the work to provide a fully finished project, which took into account all the wishes of the client.

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